Your Seattle Personal Trainer’s Guide to Hamstring Understanding and Training

In a recent podcast episode, our expert team of Seattle personal trainers explored the hamstring. We aim to power your fitness journey with this blog, focusing on hamstring anatomy, function, and training.

Understanding the Hamstring Anatomy

Three primary muscles make up the hamstring – the bicep femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus. These muscles handle several knee and hip movements. As Seattle personal trainers, we emphasize this knowledge.

The bicep femoris includes a short head and a long head. These parts handle knee flexion, lateral rotation of the tibia, and hip extension.

The semitendinosus and semimembranosus together perform knee flexion, hip extension, and medial rotation of the tibia.

The Hamstring’s Role

The hamstrings do more than basic movements. They play a key role in stabilizing the knee joint. They work with the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) during activities like walking or running. They also provide stability to the pelvis.

Hamstring Training Tips from Seattle’s Personal Trainers

Our podcast discusses hamstring training. We explored the strength curve, how to choose rep ranges, rest periods, and training frequency.

When the hip is fully flexed, we recommend higher reps. This position finds the hamstring weaker and less stable. Exercises like Romanian Deadlifts (RDLs) can help, allowing for the handling of greater loads.

In the mid-range of the strength curve, any rep range works, but heavier loads often benefit our clients more.

Rest periods should match the rep ranges. For high rep exercises, rest for 45 seconds for unilateral exercises or 60 to 90 seconds for bilateral ones. For heavier work, rest for 120 seconds.

Aim for around 10 sets per week. Allow 48-72 hours between sessions for recovery. This duration can change based on your previous session’s intensity and volume.

Understand the hamstring to optimize your training. Progress sustainably with the help of a Seattle personal trainer. Listen to our full podcast “A Comprehensive Journey into Hamstring Training with Steven Davis ep.23” for a comprehensive discussion. Reach out to us for a personal trainer who helps you train smart. Let’s tailor a fitness journey to your needs.