Mastering Your Pec Training – A Comprehensive Guide

While training countless people in the Seattle community we’ve noticed many of members seek out greater understanding of how to train the Pec. In our quest for a balanced and well-rounded physique, understanding and effectively training the Pectoralis major muscle, or pecs, is crucial. This muscle is key in bringing your arm closer to your…

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Your Seattle Personal Trainer’s Guide to Hamstring Understanding and Training

In a recent podcast episode, our expert team of Seattle personal trainers explored the hamstring. We aim to power your fitness journey with this blog, focusing on hamstring anatomy, function, and training. Understanding the Hamstring Anatomy Three primary muscles make up the hamstring – the bicep femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus. These muscles handle several knee…

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All or … Something?

Smiling Personal Trainer Exercising on Stationary Bike in Seattle, WA.

Exercise is an important part of maintaining good health and wellness, but it can be difficult to make it a consistent part of our lives. Many of us struggle to find the time, energy, or motivation to exercise, and we may feel that we need to push ourselves to the limit in order to see…

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How to build a workout program

Tattooed hands writing in journal

When building a workout program we can easily get lots in the nuance and details of specific goals and methods. My goal with this article is to help you piece together a safe and effective program to get started. Programs do need to be updated as you progress and ideally should consider your goal. So…

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Goal Setting: You’re doing it wrong

close up of a man writing in a note book

Every week I talk to a handful of potential clients about their goals. Almost always they are completely vague and non descriptive. “I just want to be active”, “I want to tone up”, or “I want to be healthier”. Goals that look like these are great in theory but there is one main problem. You…

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Personal Trainer Demonstrating a GHR Sit Up

Have you ever asked yourself “am I training hard enough?”. Well today we are going to talk about training intensity. How hard should you be training, when should you train less hard, what is the goal behind each? If you’re anything like my clients you may have taken a group exercise class and been dripping…

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How To Become Less Stiff?

a man doing exercise in a gym

Are you someone who would describe themselves as a little “stiff”? You’ve probably taken a yoga class one time only to be a bit intimidated at the intensity of some of the poses so you’ve decided “I’ll just stretch on my own. You’ve probably also heard you should walk 10,000 steps a day. But is…

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